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Meüs van der Poel

Meüs van der Poel

Meüs van der Poel (1960) is the owner of Hofstaten Public Affairs, a recognized lobby office in The Hague. Clients are mainly Dutch public organizations and NGOs in the fields of education and labor relations, local government, sports, media and culture. A result-oriented consultant, focused on people and representing interests processes. He has a long-time experience as policy adviser in the Dutch Parliament, ministries and several national campaigns in the CDA political party. 

Currently he is lobbying towards the German Federal Government. Collaborative and with an eye for political relations between Germany and the Netherlands. He shares his opinion on Linkedin.

Insights von Meüs van der Poel


How to fight climate crisis:
Real change needs new stories

To bring about real behavioural change in terms of climate and sustainability, we need not only new stories, but also new words. And these must be future- and solution-oriented, above all. Expert Statement by Meüs van der Poel

Von Meüs van der Poel, 08.03.2023


Crossover: man sieht
klarer aus anderen Perspektiven

Im Office-Opening der Turmgemeinschaft Plagwitz vergangene Woche zeigte sich einmal mehr der ergebnisorientierte Ansatz der 20blue Expert Community. Das Zusammentreffen von Unternehmensberatung mit Kultur und Design zeigt genau, wo der Schlüssel zum Erfolg liegt: Im Crossover.

Von Meüs van der Poel, 23.06.2022


Established Players and Outsiders
in Politics

After the federal election in Germany, we see a change in political power relations. There are no longer two large parties dominating the scene, but the German voters’ election has become more diverse. Meüs van der Poel and Anja Mutschler explain how the world systems theory helps to understand the outcomes of the current federal election and the transition of power from established political players to outsiders.

Von Meüs van der Poel und Anja Mutschler, 14.10.2021


German lobby regulations
urge for a new approach

Meüs van der Poel states that he has been like a fish in the water in Berlin, since the run-up to the German EU Council presidency and the preparations for the new term of government in Germany. In his expert statement, he shares his opinion on what the new Lobby Register will mean for lobbyists and agencies: “The wind of change towards lobbying in Berlin urges for a new approach. The new transparency rules force lobbyists and their agencies to innovate. A new era along the Spree is shining.”

Von Meüs van der Poel, 08.07.2021


COVID-19 and labor market relations:
give the German Government a fixed role!

It is hard to predict the economic consequences of the pandemic, but it will surely hit the German and the Dutch labor market. How could the pandemic’s impact on the labor market be minimized? In his Expert Statement, Meüs van der Poel asks German politicians to be more courageous and to take a closer look at the Netherlands: “As in the Netherlands, give the German Federal Government a fixed role in labor market relations! German politicians should have the courage to move from dual consultations to triangular labor market relations. No guts, no glory!”

Von Meüs van der Poel, 27.04.2021

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