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20blue (known as Nimirum until 2020) is an agile think tank for decision-makers.

Whether sustainability, digitalisation or diversity, we have been supporting debates in academia, business and society for over 10 years.

Our hand-picked Expert Community is at the heart of our company. Our experts research, write and design for projects in various subject areas. They live all over the world and have extensive knowledge, meaning they can help you make good decisions. 20blue brings clients and specialists together in an ad hoc or a more strategic manner. Complexity is right up our street.

The interdisciplinary and international exchange within our Expert Community and the sound methodologies we employ are the hallmarks of 20blue’s services.

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Why 20blue?

Why 20 (“twenty”)? 20 is our symbol for taking a stand and bringing about change. In the 21st century, objectivity, academia and expertise are under threat. We need change to get our political and economic systems back on track. We want to lead the way: When fighting for the truth, we must bring together diverse opinions and perspectives, and be methodical in our approach. The 1920s were a time of cosmopolitan open-mindedness. Yet the brutal end to that decade in Germany shows us just how fragile a system can be. 20blue believes in keeping decision-making grounded in facts, not fear.

Why blue? Blue reinforces our mission to take a far-sighted view, and seek clarity and balance. The colour blue reflects the breadth of our expertise, with its vast array of connotations: the blue economy, blue-chip mindsets, sky, water, clarity, diversity and unity. Blue is even associated with certain clothes: from the Virgin Mary’s blue mantle to a workman’s overalls. Blue is a nod to our past: As “Nimirum”, we worked with the image of a fish diving into an ocean of knowledge. Blue is also about looking to the future.

Finally, we chose a name that would resonate with our many international clients.

Our team

Anja Mutschler

Anja Mutschler (MA) is the founder and owner of 20blue, an agile think tank that combines expertise and creative services. She has almost 20 years of experience in various positions in academia, the creative industries and public relations. Her profound love for the written and spoken word is reflected in her dedication to ensuring effective communication and mediation. She is endlessly inquisitive. Proud feminist Anja believes that working in an agile, interdisciplinary, intercultural manner is the only way to come up with new ideas. She’s convinced that without new approaches, we won’t get much further.

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Björn Berger

Head of Research and Digital Content
Björn Berger has a Master’s in digital authorship and multimedia, and has demonstrated his mastery of academic research and technical processes at 20blue. He started out as an intern at 20blue five years ago and has now climbed the ladder to be our Head of Research and Digital Content. Björn has considerable technological competence and is intellectually curious – an advantageous combination in today’s world.

Björn has played a key role in driving forward digitalisation at Nimirum/20blue since 2019, while also overseeing incoming research projects. Outside of work, he plays bass for various screamo projects, and is also a scout leader.

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Mona Nikolić

Partner and Project Manager
Mona Nikolić has been a Partner and Project Manager at 20blue since March 2021 but her involvement with 20blue goes back much further. Mona joined our expert network in 2013, managing projects in the areas of nutrition, and covering Spain and Latin America in particular. As someone who is detail-oriented but also always has one eye on the big picture, she fits well into the 20blue family. Mona has a PhD in Latin American studies and describes herself as a passionate social and cultural anthropologist. Our clients value her for her capacity to rapidly master complex subjects and sort through reams of text. A frequent traveller, Mona is fluent in German, Spanish and English, and speaks a few other languages better than most. She is looking forward to being able to travel after the Covid-19 pandemic. She has lived in Costa Rica, Malawi and New Zealand, feels at home in Berlin and Bavaria, and – last but certainly not least – has a fine nose for excellent coffee.

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