Expert Consulting

Knowing more
at that crucial moment

Expert Consulting ensures you have access to expertise at that crucial moment. After all, making the right decision is a complex matter. What’s more, there is a great deal of pressure to deliver excellent answers in business and politics. The coronavirus crisis has highlighted that it makes a difference whether academic and business experts are heard or not. Expert Consulting entails taking a step back, seeking an independent opinion and then taking a giant leap forwards.

20blue is
your partner
when there’s no margin for error

20blue is your partner for numerous services. Our Expert Community – a network of academic and industry experts, many of whom have worked with us for several years – is well versed in all the important drivers of social change. Let’s look at two specific examples:

  • Your personal industry expert develops an innovative sales approach for the semiconductor industry since they know what problems companies in this sector are struggling with.
  • A group of country experts has been working for a retail giant for many years as part of an Expert Hub to determine the best marketing ideas for its international marketing efforts.

Expert Consulting gives you access to better knowledge. And when academic research is allowed to play a role, it also means you can access that knowledge earlier. After all, almost every important trend we are dealing with today has long been discussed in academia.

“Expert Consulting from 20blue supports companies and organisations at that crucial moment.”

The experts in our community will research, analyse and investigate specifically for you. Either ad-hoc or as part of a long-term project. 20blue is responsible for bringing together the right specialists to answer your questions. Our Methodology team has a seat at the table when we’re designing mixed methods studies. Complexity is right up our street – you are more than welcome to leave it up to us to choose the most appropriate format for your question. Expert Consulting covers everything from fact sheets to studies, brainstorming to panels.

Expert Consulting is also a statement. It means you are making independent expertise an integral part of decision-making processes in politics and business. We also share this stance – we believe evidence and facts form the basis of a healthy, democratic society. We have brought our experience in successful Expert Consulting – which also safeguards our clients’ interests – with us from our predecessor, Nimirum. We know how to successfully combine the decision-making interests of our clients with experts’ interest in furthering their expertise.

Our commitment:

  • Your project and organisational knowledge will be more stable thanks to valid, independent assessments.
  • Your decisions will be sustainably effective and help you provide demanding stakeholders with in-depth answers.

If you’re looking to reposition yourself as a knowledge-savvy company, we would be delighted to support you as an agency.

Are you seeking Expert Consulting to make strategic decisions in communication, production or financial planning?


Are you getting to grips with a new topic, do you want to know what’s on the cards for your industry or do you want to drive your business forwards? Building on our Theme Analysis, Industry Report and Trend Analysis services, we provide companies with well-founded answers, covering all areas from initial orientation phases through to expansions.
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Build a Panel

Are you looking for sound insights into the minds of different target groups and stakeholders? We conduct high-quality in-depth interviews covering various debates, and also offer the opportunity to build an exclusive panel for long-term surveys (including evaluations).
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Do you want to draw on your own specialist community for advice? We have over 10 years’ experience in this domain. We would be delighted to support you in building your own specialist community.
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Do you want to know about the peculiarities of a local market, how a topic is discussed in a certain local context or how your slogan is understood locally? Our international Expert Community supports you through our Country Check, Global Slogan Check and Discourse Analysis internationalisation services.
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Rent an Expert

Are you looking for industry, academic or communication experts, or even experts in other languages? 20blue pairs you with a tailored team of external experts and project managers to handle projects in the areas of change, research, studies and analyses, or even as part of individual consulting projects.
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Do you need objective data and information on a particular topic, as well as meaningful assessments, prepared in a clear and action-oriented way? Or indeed reliable statements about a product, a target group or a trend? With long-standing research contacts, 20blue is the right partner for carrying out individual studies, comparative studies and discourse analysis.
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Your direct line to the 20blue team

Whether it’s an enquiry, an application or you’re from the press, we will read your message between 9am and 5pm CET and get back to you within 24 hours. Often, we're much quicker than that.