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Our internationalisation services

Our Expert Community is international, as are around three quarters of our projects. Our country and cultural experts truly know how local people think and talk.

Country Check
Do you want to know about the peculiarities of your target market? Do you need information about key developments on the ground when entering new markets? 20blue compiles all important facts about the situation in a particular country as part of our Country Check: We shed light on your industry, the market and competitors, as well as crucial public discussions. Our Country Experts provide in-depth analyses covering over 78 countries and language areas.

Global Slogan Check
Our most experienced cultural experts, located in 50 global markets, check 10 slogans you have developed within 3 days, determine no-gos, draw up a ranking and provide more in-depth information on one of the slogans. We answer the following questions, among others:

  • Which slogans can be disregarded from the outset since they have an unforeseen meaning?
  • Which slogans are most attractive for the country or for the language and cultural area?
  • Which terms are difficult to understand or could be problematic?
  • Can be combined with a Competition Check if required

Discourse Analysis
Discourse Analysis shows you how your target group actually talks and how they discuss certain themes or understand a particular term. This is a quantitative analysis, based on as much data as possible. Frequencies, collocations and concordances of individual words highlight relationships between terms, and they make it clear to you how your target group feels about a topic.

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