Individual studies/assessments

Let 20blue be your partner for your individual study. Thanks to our established contacts in research, we run studies for you that contain objective data and information, as well as qualified assessments, prepared in a comprehensible and action-oriented manner.

Comparative studies

Combining field and desk research elements with the aim of making an (internationally) reliable statement about a product, brand, target group, trend or strategy. In the run-up to national or international studies, we work with you to jointly develop a study design and a mix of methods suitable for your project. Focus group interviews are also a possibility.

Discourse analysis

Discourse analysis shows you how your target group actually talks – how they discuss certain themes or understand a particular term. This is a quantitative analysis, based on as much data as possible. Frequencies, collocations and concordances of individual words highlight relationships between terms, and they make it clear to you how your target group feels about a topic.

Your direct line to the 20blue team

Whether it’s an enquiry, an application or you’re from the press, we will read your message between 9am and 5pm CET and get back to you within 24 hours. Often, we're much quicker than that.