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Expert Content is content based on expert knowledge. Content that is relevant. And content that leaves no margin for error. Expert Content is therefore inherently consistent in many respects. And it is positively booming. After all, content from companies and organisations (branded content) is becoming increasingly relevant as a source of information for internet users – as demonstrated by the latest Trust Barometer published by Edelman. At the same time, the public’s demand for your corporate information is growing.

20blue - an agency
with a
research department!

As an agency specialised in infotainment with an affiliated research department, 20blue is able to offer Expert Content covering many topics. Our Expert Community features over 250 experts from a variety of disciplines and industries, and they really know their subject area. They know, for example, that food packaging made of corn film is sometimes less environmentally friendly than packaging made of PE film. Or they use mobility biographies to trace mobility changes that are emerging as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

Our community’s content creators transform this expertise into unique content. They are familiar with and regularly produce content in a variety of information formats. 20blue manages these Expert Content Hubs; we curate, edit and compile the knowledge streams generated by your experts and ours. Professional expertise is therefore transformed into consistent content: Expert Content.

“Expert Content is the basis of honest communication for an enlightened audience.”
In an ideal world, Expert Content also means that independent statements and contributions from experts are an integral part of your communication. After all, most stakeholders expect honest communication from companies, organisations and individuals. Expert Content is the basis of honest communication for an enlightened audience.

20blue is your partner from the very beginning. We ensure that your communication or thought leadership is on the right footing. We focus our efforts on your strategy’s core knowledge – knowledge on which you can meaningfully build your communication and content strategy. We use (or develop) your core knowledge.

20blue also develops strategies that match Expert Content. From infotainment to thought leadership – we are on hand to strike the right balance between information and entertainment. We identify tailored themes for target groups and stakeholders. We help you to impress in both form and content. And to take the lead in your field with a wealth of knowledge that is absolutely crisis-proof.

Our commitment:

  • Using Expert Content, you will communicate intellectually on a firm footing.
  • Our experience in infotainment and thought leadership helps you create a consistent presence among your stakeholders.

Are you seeking Expert Content to make strategic decisions in communication, production or financial planning?

In brief: What is Infotainment?

  • The content explains and shares factually correct information
  • The content formats entertain and are usually multimedia and shareable
  • The content often underlines a company or organisation’s thought leadership

How does 20blue use infotainment?

Excellent infotainment based on Expert Content. Information and entertainment are merged together perfectly. To do so, we use content formats that are an essential part of brand journalism. The awareness and acceptance of branded content has grown significantly in recent years. But so too has the demand for informative, non-promotional content. We build Expert Content Hubs for you with multimedia teams that work to share your thought expertise with the outside world. After all, infotainment is often the first step on the way to achieving thought leadership. 20blue uses these particular content formats for infotainment:

  • Expert Content in the form of white papers, anthologies, opinion pieces and technical articles
  • Scrollytelling and storytelling
  • Explainer videos, tutorials, how-to videos, on-screen interviews
  • Audio formats such as podcasts and interviews
  • Surveys, expert panels, studies

To summarise, having your own media displayed in a newsroom or on a website Content Hub lays the foundations for successful social media activities. Formats that support interaction and dwell time (i.e. the time spent on the post). Formats that are not easy to mass-produce.

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Contact Anja Mutschler directly. We design every infotainment strategy to be as individual as a fingerprint.

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In brief: What is Thought Leadership?

  • A company, organisation or individual is considered a credible expert in a particular field
  • This thought leadership is consistently reflected in the organisation or person’s communication
  • The expertise is credible, well-founded and comprehensible
  • When new insights come to light, thought leaders should be able to correct themselves
“Successful thought leadership is based on crisis-proof core knowledge.”

What support does 20blue offer? Why do so few companies succeed in becoming thought or opinion leaders on a particular topic? It is mostly a question of courage – and consistency. In our eyes, thought leadership is only successful if:

  • It offers an innovative, credible yet truly unique solution to a pressing societal problem – your very own core knowledge;
  • The approach taken is iconic, and perhaps has its own (non-branded) name;
  • All employees from juniors through to C-level executives know and ideally support your thought expertise;
  • You have boldly defined a target group that needs this solution, and only this solution. This group is as big as possible, and as small as necessary;
  • The core knowledge can be verified scientifically, and thus can also be revised.

We often forget that thought leadership nowadays encompasses discourse, openness and an ability to revise. After all, change is the only constant in our modern times. It is therefore quite complex to correctly define core knowledge – an organisation’s knowledge base. This is precisely where 20blue can help – with Expert Consulting & Expert Content.

In brief: What is Core Knowledge?

20blue uses the term core knowledge to describe the knowledge base of an organisation or individual. Similar to the “core story”, which lays the foundations of any content strategy in content marketing since objectives and values can be derived from it, core knowledge is absolutely essential for principled communication. The true USP of a company, organisation or personality is its intellectual knowledge base and it can only serve as a good basis for communication if it can withstand critical questions.

When is 20blue your perfect partner?

  • If you want to bring your core knowledge – your intellectual knowledge base – up to date scientifically.
  • If you want to collate your knowledge base for the first time.

We identify the right academics for the job from within our Expert Community and ensure that your core knowledge is ultimately formulated astutely and clearly.

Content Hub

Do you want your content to be at the heart of your communication? Do you want content you are proud of? We are happy to advise and produce crisp yet convincing technical articles, how-to guides, expert interviews, stories and proprietary data content.
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Enrich your Content

Do you have a concept in mind, but lack the time to develop it further? Why not make use of our Enrich your Content service? We will revise your notes, complete your proposals and create complex content solutions for your projects and websites.
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Do you want to break up your texts and make complex issues more understandable at a glance? We produce high-quality infographics for your studies and reports or for online communication purposes – anything from diagrams to interactive graphics.
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Are you looking for support to make your infotainment interactive, multimedia and data-driven? We offer scrollytelling, develop multimedia stories on your behalf and support your data journalism projects.
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Do you want your corporate podcast to entertain your listeners while also offering them real added value? We’ll help you find the right concept and produce your podcasts together with partners from our #ExpertCommunity.
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Would you like to support your content with proprietary data? 20blue is a proven partner for mixed methods studies, discourse analyses and narrative study designs. We will find the right method to answer your question.
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When gathering proprietary data, don’t be limited to the survey functions offered by online tools or classic Likert scales. We can design individual surveys or use existing tools. And if you’d like us to, we’ll even prepare and contextualise your survey results.
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Visual communication

Do you want to enhance your infotainment with a smart product video featuring motion design or VR/AR projects? We bring these projects to life as part of an agile network with experts who know their subject area.
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White papers

Are you looking for the perfect digital information format to position your company, enhance your brand message and communicate with relevant user groups? We commission journalists and experts from all sectors to write your white paper in German or English.
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