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Using proprietary data in your content really is the gold standard. In recent years, debates surrounding fake news has meant the media have (rightly) become more critical of the corporate research they pick up on. Corporate research has repeatedly made itself vulnerable to criticism, particularly regarding the chosen methodology. Not all research must be representative, not all representative research produces meaningful data, and not every question is relevant or worth answering. 20blue has the expertise needed to identify the right method to get answers to your specific questions. If you’re looking for qualitative research, mixed methods research, discourse analyses or a narrative study design, you’re in the right place. 20blue can put together expert panels featuring different stakeholder groups and regularly survey them as part of trend barometers. We can select suitable academics from our #ExpertCommunity who have the relevant methodological expertise to be the Project Lead. Our network also gives us access to thousands of potential expert panellists.

20blue has put together almost 1000 reports, many of them 200 pages or more in length, investigating topics as diverse as mobility, food, artificial intelligence and education. Why not get in touch? We can arrange an initial meeting to discuss options for getting to the bottom of your questions.

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