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Almost every online tool today has a survey function. However, designing good surveys is a skill that must be learnt. If you want to go beyond classic Likert scales, include open-ended questions and analyse such responses, we recommend that you let a specialist design your surveys. What does that involve? 20blue will interview you to ensure the right questions are included in your surveys. Alternatively, we will interview your stakeholders. We strongly recommend that you do not conduct the surveys yourselves – particularly in-depth ones aimed at your customer base – as it is all too possible that your subjective views will influence the outcome. 20blue uses its decade of experience in mixed methods research to produce unbiased surveys. These surveys will provide you with that much-coveted resource in data-driven communication: proprietary data.

We can design individual surveys or use existing tools. If you would like us to, we can prepare and contextualise your survey results. You can then use your own data in white papers and reports, infographics or even explanatory films. Our content team will be happy to advise you.

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