Car, which car? Why the automotive industry must turn all processes upside down

20blue, 02.02.2023

The latest study by the Leipzig-based Research Institute 20blue shows why automotive manufacturers (and the supplier industry) must now transform their business model and gives an idea of what the new image of an ecologically and digitally fit automotive industry could look like.

Leipzig, 31.01.2022. The Research Institute 20blue for Sustainability, Diversity and Digital Transformation has taken a close look at the automotive sector in its latest publication. In the “Research Paper Automotive: Why you should reorient your automotive business model, now”, which is available for 149 euros at, a group of industry experts outlines the future direction of the automotive industry, which is currently undergoing a massive transformation. According to the insiders, the role of OEMs in particular must change from the ground up - the paper concludes by naming 6 pillars on which a new strategy could be built under the changed economic-political and social conditions.

Research Paper — Automotive

What does an ecologically and digitally fit automotive industry look like? In recent years, the perplexity of automotive experts has led to a proliferation of strategic experiments in Europe’s most important industry.

In the Research Paper Automotive (52 pages, English), 20blue’s interdisciplinary Mobility Hub develops new solution approaches for OEMs and suppliers based on the current data situation and interviews with industry insiders.

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“To date, the automotive industry does not provide a clear answer as to how it defines its role in a sustainable and digital future,” says the managing director of 20blue, Anja Mutschler. In several years of work, she says, various client projects have revealed the perplexity of Europe’s most important industry. “Many developments are interwoven, which is what makes it so difficult to decide which horse to bet on,” they quickly realized during the research, Mutschler said. The research paper is particularly suitable for innovation and business managers who need perspective for their strategic decisions, she said. “For once, we wanted to untangle the complex economic, political and social developments,” Mutschler stated. The paper is also an example of the value of interdisciplinary teamwork, which is the best way to find answers to questions in view of the complex polycrises, emphasizes the founder of the Research Institute.

According to the authors of the paper, cybersecurity, changing user behavior and disrupted supply chains are driving these developments, while technological and regulatory aspects are further complicating the situation. One of the authors is Thomas Termin, an external doctoral student at the Institut für Sicherungssysteme, Bergische Universität Wuppertal and a cybersecurity manager at an international supplier. “The research paper provides a concise overview of red-hot developments in the mobility industry,” he said. “It highlights concrete opportunities to re-adjust strategic priorities.” Termin also emphasizes the value of collaboration: “20blue asks the right questions and works with experts from academia and business to identify concrete solutions for decision makers.”

In the enclosed fact sheet, we provide an initial overview of the contents of the paper, which can be purchased directly from our online store. Journalists can request a review copy and receive free access. Please send a message to or contact us directly:

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